CoasisTM is a full-service technical consulting, hosting and application development firm. Our strength lies in our diversity, our vision, our creativity, our integrity, our experience, and our focus on quality.

CoasisTM is as comfortable creating scalable, distributed, enterprise applications as we are hosting mission-critical servers for our clients. We're as skilled at building rich, native front-end applications, as we are in creating thin-client user interfaces for broad distribution over the Internet. Our creative team is as competent at producing interactive movies, as they are at design, games and engaging advertising.

We realized that it's not enough to be good at one thing, that the Web is not the business but one of many portals into a successful business, that effective business solutions require as much business knowledge as they do technical expertise, and that you never stop learning.

So, we put together an experienced team of business leaders and technical masters - A team of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, software developers, hardware technicians, and data center managers. Leaders who have run Information Technology departments, and individuals who've survived the trenches, creating solutions that really drive the business.

Let us provide solutions for your business!

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